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Iraj Evolution Design Company Pvt Ltd (I.EVO) is a dynamic and evolving facility synonymous for production excellence in furniture manufacturing.

Our production facility in Udaipur (India) is spread over 4,00,000 sq. ft and is equipped for detailed furniture customisation alongside large-scale productions. We are equidistant from India’s Capital New Delhi and Financial Hub Mumbai, well connected to important ports like Kandla & Mundhra by road and rail.

The unit houses highly skilled teams of workers and craftsmen, with state of the art machines for panel processing, solid wood working, surface finishing, metal fabrication and upholstery; with the intent to achieve economies of scale without compromising on quality and deadlines. The aim is to ‘Make in India’ with German precision, Italian craftsmanship, and Asian efficiency.

From concept to delivery and installation, your project is our responsibility. No matter what your vision is, we are there to engineer manufacture and deliver.


Panel Works

We provide a production line backed by European machinery, aimed to produce quality furniture adhering the global standards. All machines are connected to centralize Dust Collection System to avoid any kind of dust pollution. Our Panel Processing unit has capacity for-

  • Calibration Sander Machine (Costa)
  • Veneer Slicing & Joining Setup (Kuper)
  • Pasting Work using Hot Press (Orma)
  • Panel Cutting using Semi Automated Beam Saw (Homag & Biesse) & panel saw (Altendorf)
  • Panel Edge Banding using Through Feed Edge Bander Machines (Homag & Biesse)
  • Drilling & routing using 3+C Axis CNC (Homag), 5 Axis CNC (Biesse)
  • Vertical Drilling Machine (Homag)

Wood Works

Our invested machinery and tools to process solid wood furniture in a production line format solves the problem of disorganized wood availability and the ever-growing fascination of solid wood furniture by the global market.

IEVO’s wood working unit has capacity for –

  • Wood Seasoning in Kiln
  • Lathe work
  • Sawing using Band Saw (Felder)
  • Sizing using Panel Saw (Altendorf)
  • Moulding using Standalone Moulder (Felder) & 7 side Moulder (Leader MAC)
  • Routing & Carving using CNC Machine (Biesse)
  • Tenoning & Mortising work using Tenoner & Mortiser (Holytek)
  • Assembly Tools & Equipment (Festool/Bessey)

Surface Finish Works

IEVO’s Surface Finishing division provides special attention to the surface treatment and appearance of wooden furniture.

Capacity consists of –

  • Dedicated manual sanding line with equipment from Festool & Mirka
  • Multi head belt sander from Costa
  • Temperature controlled Paint booth with Drying chamber and multiple spray chamber
  • Dedicated Buffing space with equipment from Festool & Mirka
  • Backed by an experienced team offering variety of finishes including PU, Polyester, Acrylic, Silver/Gold leafing work etc.

Upholstery Works

IEVO’s Upholstery division is planned to provide furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers.

Metal Fabrication

Capacity consists of-

  • Surface finish & Paint
  • Welding (TIG/MIG)
  • Foundary

Display Studio

Dedicated display unit for showcasing various different types of furniture pieces in multiple residential and institutional environments, highlighting the capacity of our wood work units, handicrafts, metal fabrication units, upholstery department and various other sectors that comprise of IEVO’s infrastructure. Our emphasis on providing an experiential lifestyle with the products elevates the buying experience.

Specialised software aids the engineering and production making our entire manufacturing seamless from start to finish. With a dedicated handicraft division (working with metal, wood and stone) and LED unit, we are a one stop solution providing end to end interior solutions.


Admin Infrastructure

(Well-equipped teams working on best in line software like IMOS, Pytha, Bsolid, Woodwop, Cut Rite etc to develop an automated and semi-automated manufacturing process.


R&D Studio

(A dedicated prototyping team working on constantly evolving the notions/processes aiding production, product testing, quality adherence and functionality standards before they enter the IEVO library).


Training Studio

(Persistent training and recruiting of the in-house facility focusing on the various operational and technical aspects of the business- from design to manufacture. Additionally, coordinating training workshops with our partner vendors like Hettich, Hafele, Homag, Biesse, Festool, Mirka, ICA, PCG etc. under the approval of NSDC-FFSC as the registered training partners).



(Providing end-to-end solutions for Modular or Fixed Furniture backed by a state-of-art facility geared at providing quality solutions for prototyping, manufacturing and engineering with a promise of customization without compromising on aesthetics, functionality and the quality).

How Challenging is it to do it right?

Entrepreneurs find opportunities in the midst of chaos. The simple task of constructing the family clubhouse, turned into a hassle, which we soon realized is a battle for millions of Indians. The battle between ‘what we want’ and ‘what we have’ defined the vision for what we wanted to achieve with IEVO – outstanding quality and absolute dependability.

Since its inception in 2013, with consumer reliability and innovation in engineering at its core, IEVO redefined furniture manufacturing and design for the sunshine sector of India i.e. furniture manufacturing. The testament of IEVO’s unparalleled and exemplary success lies in its rapid expansion and project line-up. What started out as a 10,000 sq. ft. R&D facility for furniture manufacturing by our founder Saurabh Khetan, backed by his family, Manan Khetan and Astha Khetan, and a team of like- minded people, grew into a state of art 4,00,000 sq. ft. facility that supports 360 degree interior space solutions by the end of 2015. When every detail is attended to the result is a better choice and our customer testimonials from across industries are a tell-tale proof of our story.

With ‘Make-in-India’ at its crux, today, our goal to continue to lead the industry by example goes beyond ‘smart furniture manufacturing’ and spills into our vision to exceed customer expectations.

For those who strive for ‘right’ quality and ‘yesterday’ delivery, e-mail us at: info@ievo.co.in

Let’s Make the future happen.

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